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I'm a 28 year old newlywed originally from the Midwest. I just moved to New York City and am currently adjusted to being married and being a housewife.

Post-Call Bliss

On one of D’s recent post-call days, he decided to take a break from studying and we ventured out to explore this wonderful city in which we live.

First stop: the Cloisters.  Last summer while on a road trip with my brother, we listened to the History of the World in 100 Objects from the British Museum.  One of the objects were the Lewis Chessmen, discovered on the Isle of Lewis off of Scotland in 1831.  They are currently on loan to the Met and are on display at the Cloisters.  I was pretty darn excited to see these, especially given that I don’t even know how to play chess.

Second stop: Well, we did come back to our apartment for an early dinner and some reading before we headed off to our

Third stop:  Avenue Q!  The ridiculous musical with very inappropriate puppets!  It was fantastic.  The subway gods were lookin’ out for us and we arrived plenty early to the theatre, so after picking up our tickets we found a cute little market where we shared coffee and a cupcake.


I can tell the future

I don’t think I’ve yet shared on here that D secured a cardio-thoracic spot at his current program for fellowship This is great news because (from what he’s told me) this is a really competitive fellowship field.  Also, the man in charge of his program and his soon-to-be wife are both amazing.  We talked about this a bit before he expressed interest because eventually we want to end up on the West Coast (California!) but he wants to follow that up with what he assures me is a much easier fellowship to secure.  So, here’s hoping that next year that will prove true and he’ll interview and be accepted at a place out west that will lead to real employment.

Two and a half years left in NYC.  I hope all of our friends and family come to visit!


I’m back! And, Happy New Year!

Sorry for the long break…I was hibernating. In fact, I probably still am as everyone knows that here in the northern hemisphere, January and February are the most miserable months of the year and should be avoided at all costs.

I hope that everyone had a great holiday season. I know I did. Mine was pretty wine-infused, given that D & I were in California. We’ve been really lucky – in the 3 holiday seasons we’ve been together, D has been able to get either the week before or the week after Christmas off. And, he’s traveled to California with me each year. (I think just in the past couple of weeks has D’s mom realized our yearly journeys to California are not just a selfish undertaking because I have tons of family there! And who doesn’t want to escape cold and snowy at Christmas).

So last weekend one of D’s friends from med school days was in New York interviewing. He met up with us at an adorable (and delicious!) Italian restaurant in an area that I believed was devoid of quality restaurants – the Penn Station area. Anyway, he had just come from visiting an undergrad friend from our home state who has made it big chronicling parties and such around Manhattan. And while I thought I would be intrigued by this, I just found it to all be so vapid. I came to the realization that I am undoubtedly not a social climber.

On a different note, I stopped by one of the library branches post-volunteering today and checked out a super-exciting book on statistics to brush up for the follow-up on a position to which I applied. I suppose it’s a good thing I have no to desire to become somebody in this city because I’d bore them with my t distributions and all.


Sorry for the recent radio silence.  I’ve been busy driving one of these around.  While I know many people these days can simultaneously tweet, blog, facebook, and harvest, the few times I attempted to send text messages I instantly veered off course.

My parents own a farm where I was incredibly lucky to grow up.  In addition to having a near endless playground, I also was able to work outside and alongside my parents from a very young age.  I drove my first full size tractor at the age of 12. I remember being terrified that I would encounter a cop on my first excursion, as I was two years to young for a school permit and nowhere near full license age.

My parents both work off of the farm, too.  My entire childhood my father had no (paid) job off farm, but he developed quite the social streak late in life and when a good opportunity to work with others materialized he jumped on it.  This has resulted in him being extra anxious when planting and harvest roll around every year.

I love the farm and especially love harvest.  If it weren’t for the winters and lack of international airport, I would happily live on there. So, when he asked if I might be willing to come back to harvest, I did not hesitate to book my plane ticket.  My still jobless state combined with D’s recent ridiculous schedule made this the perfect opportunity. I spent quality time with my parents, ate s’mores, visited my in-laws (parents, sister, and grandmother), got to be in the country at one of my favorite times of the year, sampled every version of a pumpkin spice latte that our nearby big town has to offer, and best of all we finished soybean harvest right before I flew back.



The other day I was laying on a sun-warmed rock in Central Park and realized, as I do several times a day, that despite my recent anxiety over feeling like I am living an aimless life (other than supporting D), I really have a pretty great life.

Rather than complaining about things I am unhappy about (crowded subways, my dwindling bank account) it’s time to start sharing things that make me happy.  Both on here and with my family and friends.  Here is list one.

1. Saxophone players on otherwise deserted wooded paths in Central Park

2. College football season

3.  Liege waffles (the best place I know to get these outside of Belgium is a food truck called Wafels and Dinges here in NYC.  There are several stable locations, including one at the southeast corner of Central Park).

4. Seasonal coffee drinks.  I love pumpkin spice lattes and the most exciting time of the year for me is the arrival of eggnog lattes.  I’m a little obsessed.

5.  Fireflies.  They’re a little out of season, but I love the thought of them year round.


Pretty Girl

I was volunteering the other week and came across this pretty statue along the Hudson River.

I need to start carrying a real camera with me on my explorations of the city.  There are so many wonderful pieces of art, architectural details and interesting people that I would love to capture and share.


Yesterday morning, I caught the subway to Central Park.  There I met up with a large group of women all gathered for a Sunday morning running group sponsored by a local store.  I’ve long wanted to be a part of a running group, but I guess I keep waiting for ideal circumstances i.e. I walk a block or two from my home to the meeting point.  That’s highly unlikely to happen.  I have been tracking a number of running groups that meet in Central Park but had yet to go to one.  Normally they are pretty early in the morning, but this one started at 10 am and the stars aligned so that it fell a few hours after D left for one of his 24 hour calls.

I’ve been a runner my whole life.  I ran track in high school and jumped into lengthier running in college, running 5-10k’s regularly, as well as one half marathon and two fulls.  However, since moving to NYC I’ve been very lazy about running.  There is a little track very close to our apartment and another large park nearby that I have heard hosts many cross-country races, but I’ve yet to make it to the running club that meets there.  I did try one time, but by the time I located our car in the garage and drove over to the listed meeting place, it was a minute after the start time and no one was there.  Plus, I was still in the car with no available parking spots in sight.

So I found this run a few weeks ago and signed up.  The organizers split the group into three groups: beginners, intermediate, and advanced.  I was planning on going with the intermediate group due to my recent non-running status, but they were breaking us up by pace, with the intermediate falling between 10-11 minutes.  That’s a little slower than I normally run, so I went with the advanced group (8-9 minute miles).  The only problem was this group was running 5 miles, something I haven’t done in…well, I really can’t remember when I last ran more than 3 miles and that was a one time occurrence months ago.  But I decided a running group was a perfect opportunity to push myself, especially since I could always wimp out and meet back at the pre-designated stretching spot.  I was in so much pain the last mile (side stitch), but I finished the 5+ mile run was so happy to have pushed myself.

I’m definitely hoping to go back, or maybe explore again closer running group options.  And, I got on the New York Road Runners site to look for races.  Winter is definitely not high time for races, but I’ll keep looking.