The other day I was laying on a sun-warmed rock in Central Park and realized, as I do several times a day, that despite my recent anxiety over feeling like I am living an aimless life (other than supporting D), I really have a pretty great life.

Rather than complaining about things I am unhappy about (crowded subways, my dwindling bank account) it’s time to start sharing things that make me happy.  Both on here and with my family and friends.  Here is list one.

1. Saxophone players on otherwise deserted wooded paths in Central Park

2. College football season

3.  Liege waffles (the best place I know to get these outside of Belgium is a food truck called Wafels and Dinges here in NYC.  There are several stable locations, including one at the southeast corner of Central Park).

4. Seasonal coffee drinks.  I love pumpkin spice lattes and the most exciting time of the year for me is the arrival of eggnog lattes.  I’m a little obsessed.

5.  Fireflies.  They’re a little out of season, but I love the thought of them year round.



One thought on “Happiness

  1. I swear it’s such a common thing for the “wife of a doctor” to feel a little lost.
    Here they are on this HUGE path to becoming something so meaningful and ultimately life changing… and we’re just along for the ride?
    It took me quite some time (and I still often forget) that we are such a HUGE reason that they are making their way down this path!! Once we actually feel and know are worth in this journey it makes it all seem a little less aimless.
    (Sorry, was that super preachy? I didn’t mean it to be!)

    I love all the little things that make you happy! I wish we had fireflies around these parts… I’ve never seen one up close and person. Oh and can I tell you how much I LOVE sitting out on those warmed rocked in central park. It’s so very relaxing!!

    Have a great week lovely lady!

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